"Takane" Quartz Clock Movement

\"Takane\" Quartz Clock Movement

This mini-quartz "I" shaft movement is the standard in the industry. Whether you are a hobbyist or serious clock maker, this movement will fit your needs. It runs on one "AA" battery (not included) and is accurate to within two minutes a year.

To choose the proper shaft length, carefully measure the thickness of the material the movement shaft will go through and find the appropriate model in the table below. If you are using a glass or plastic cover over the movement, make sure you have at least 1/8 inch extra clearance as you will need room for a cap nut.

American "I" Shaft - Diameter 5/16"

For dials 1/8" thick threaded shaft is 3/16" overall length is 17/32".
For dials 1/4" thick, threaded shaft is 5/16" and overall length is 5/8"
For dials 3/8" thick, threaded shaft is 7/16" and overall length is 3/4".
For dials 1/2" thick, threaded shaft is 9/16" and overall length is 7/8".
For dials 5/8" thick, threaded shaft is 11/16" and overall length is 1".
For dials 3/4" thick, threaded shaft is 15/16" and overall length is 1-1/4".

10 year warranty.

Dimensions: 2 1/8 in w x 2 1/8 in h x 5/8 in d

A rubber washer, brass washer, mounting nut and a hand nut are supplied. Hanger and Seconds hand are optional and may be purchased on the same page as the minute and hour hand sets.

Be sure to choose a pair of hands from the selection under "HANDS". If you are replacing an existing movement, the "I" shaft hands may not fit round shaft "push on" hands correctly.

All models have a 5/16" shaft diameter so a 3/8" mounting hole is the correct size to drill in your case.

The options below are by DIAL THICKNESS. Please see chart above to select correct size.

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